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Blue Mango Technology is a distributor of high quality industrial automation (machine vision) cameras manufactured by Adimec and CIS Corporation. These cameras support Camera Link and CoaXpress interfaces. Cameral Link is an industry standard used throughout the world in many industrial applications. CoaXpress technology supports data, control, and power over a single coaxial cable with cables lengths of 40 meters for CXP-6 (6.25Gbps) and 100 meters for CXP-3 (3.125Gbps).

Adimec Camera Link cameras

Adimec Camera Link cameras are available in 4, 12, and 25 megapixel resolutions. Adimec cameras are manufactured in The Netherlands and available in monochrome, color (Bayer), and NIR. Adimec Camera Link Cameras

JAI Camera Link cameras

JAI Corporation cameras support up to 20 megapixels. These cameras support frame rates of more than 189fps – dependent on the camera model. JAI cameras are manufactured in Japan and available in monochrome or color (Bayer). JAI CameraLink Cameras

We recommend Euresys frame grabbers with all our Camera Link cameras.
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